Burst Pipe Companies Close by in Kelowna

Burst Pipe Companies Close by in Kelowna

At Shamrocks Plumbing & Heating we are widely known throughout the Kelowna area for providing quality plumbing services that will exceed your expectations as a new customer. And we are the go-to plumbing company for many clients who hire us for maintenance on various plumbing or heating needs.

Burst Pipe Companies Close by in Kelowna

Burst Pipe Companies Close by in Kelowna

Customer satisfaction is essential for any service driven company who desires to build their recognition. Satisfying a client with quality service makes sure the plumbing company who performed the service would be hired to work on a future project for the same customer. Word of mouth advertising and stories from happy clients are the best tools for a business to acquire more customers and clients. It is obvious you will probably recommend these guys to your friends, colleagues, and relatives if you have gotten excellent services from that business.

This principle applies when you hire the services of a any plumbing contractor to install all the plumbing requirements in a building or house. The plumbing system is not limited to installation of water pipes and basic plumbing fixtures. It includes the hot water tank, the whole kitchen and bathroom installations, which includes the sink in addition to shower and tub.

Other basic parts of a plumbing service that a plumbing company should be capable of are the repairing of broken pipes, waste disposal units along with its cleaning and clearing of plugged pipes. Many plumbing businesses also have gas and heating maintenance plus equipment set up as a part of their services. Every feature of a plumbing service is important as you enjoy the comfort of your home.

Repeated Business Arises Ffrom Superior Service

When good work is performed, the recipient is pleased. The customer, generally, will tell their relatives and friends about the overall quality of service they had. This referral advertising is as necessary as it provides the business with important leads. This is a chain reaction, which helps to to build a solid client base for the company. This being the case, any plumbing service who values their recognition and also have a yearning to serve the public for a very long time will be consistent with the overall quality of their work.

Regional Plumbing Code and Regulations

Plumbing contractors and their services are bound to varoius laws and regulations specific to the place where it is located. This ensures service quality and safety from contractors or individuals who are performing such services . The trade must be regulated in order that the local government is assured that only quality plumbing contractors are operating in their area. Whenever you want to hire a plumber, look on-line for opinions on local companies and try to determine if they are the right fit for your needs.

Some individuals think they can do fix their own pipes but you have to keep in mind that you are still under the same laws and regulations that these service providers are legally bound to. You could also be putting your loved ones, and possibly the entire building at risk should you attempt to carry out the task yourself. Hiring a licensed professional removes the headache you would go through while you attempt to repair things yourself. This eliminates the problems you face when attempting to repair a clogged or leaking plumbing installation in your own. It is not worth sacrificing that small sum of money for a service you understand little about.

If you need a plumber call us for a quick quote by phone, so you know what you are looking at. Our office number – (250) 575-8138

No job too big or small, we can fix it. When you need a master plumber or are looking for plumbing services we are the logical choice. Recommended by your friends and neighbors as their go-to home plumbing experts. No matter what the problem, you can count on us. For the fastest service, use this phrase in search 24 hour plumbers near me. Our name usually comes up


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Burst Pipe Companies Close by in Kelowna

Plumbing Companies For Hire in Dunbar Southlands Vancouver

Pioneer Plumbing and Heating is your go-to plumber in Vancouver for everything from a backed up toilet or a leaky faucet, to furnace repair, HVAC replacement, air conditioning repair and commercial boiler maintenance. Everything from a residential plumbing problem to commercial plumbing repair. We are there for you.

Plumbing Companies For Hire in Dunbar Southlands Vancouver

Plumbing Companies For Hire in Dunbar Southlands Vancouver

Customer service satisfaction is important and will be a certainty in a service-oriented company. A plumbing company who provides outstanding service will be hired and called again to work on another project when the customer it is servicing was satisfied with their performance. Testimonials and word-of-mouth publicity from a satisfied patron are the best tools to use to ensure that the company can get more work. Naturally, when you receive exceptional service from an organization, you will eventually recommend them to another person like a friend or perhaps a relative.

This is also correct when appointing the services of a plumbing business to put in all plumbing requirements of a house or perhaps a building. Keep in mind, plumbing systems are not limited to just basic plumbing fixtures or setting up of pipes. It includes water heating appliances, the whole kitchen and bathroom installations, which also includes the sink as well as the shower and tub.

Other areas that the plumbing company must be able to offer involves cleaning clogged pipes, fixing waste disposal units and fixing broken pipes. Most plumbing companies also have gas and heating work and equipment installation as a part of their service. Every feature of a plumbing service is important as you enjoy the comfort of your home.

The Lifetime Value of Each Client

A customer is satisfied when the plumbing business provides good work . The customer, generally, will tell their friends and relatives about the overall quality of service they received. This word of mouth advertising is important as it provides the company with important leads. This is a chain reaction, which helps to to create a solid client base for the business. In this type of scenario, a plumbing business that values their status and wants to serve the local community over long periods will make sure that the overall quality of what they do is reliable.

Local Regulations and Polices

Plumbing contractors and their services are bound to different guidelines specific to where it is located. This assures quality of service from all those who are conducting such business. The trade needs to be regulated to guarantee the government that only licensed plumbing businesses operate in the area. Whenever you need a plumber, search on-line for reviews on local companies and try to find out if they are the right fit for your needs.

Many people think that they can fix their plumbing problems. However, they need to remember they are governed by the identical set of regulations and laws that binds plumbers. You may be putting your loved ones, and possibly the entire building in danger if you attempt to do the job yourself. Hiring an accredited professional eliminates the frustration you would go through as you attempt to repair things yourself. This removes the hassles you face when attempting to fix a plugged or broken plumbing installation on your own. It is not worth compromising that trivial money for a service you know little about.

If you have a burst pipe call us for a quick quote by phone, so you know what you are looking at. Our office number – (604) 872-4946

No job too big or small, we can fix it. When you need a plumber or are looking for plumbing services we are the logical choice. Recommended by your friends and neighbors as their go-to home plumbing experts. No matter what the problem, you can count on us. For the fastest service, use this phrase in search emergency plumber near me. Our name usually comes up



Pioneer Plumbing & Heating Inc
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Plumbing Companies For Hire in Dunbar Southlands Vancouver


Local Plumbers in Vancouver

As professional plumbers we are able to take on any of your plumbing needs, which includes fixing leaks, new installations, maintenance or all sorts of work in residential and commercial properties. Tub, toilet or tap… whatever it is that you require you can count on us to send out a registered plumber to take care of things in an efficient and courteous manner.

Emergency Plumbing Solutions

Prospective repairs can run from the minor variety – such as a leaky tap – to those that are, or might become, catastrophic. Our committed plumbers can offer the skills, experience and tools to remedy just about any dilemma that crops up, and they’re specialists at pretty much everything from pipework installations to resolving leaks.

We’re able to promptly fix any dilemmas with plumbing which could occur in your house or commercial property. For all your plumbing emergencies, please contact us. We have continually got a 24 hr emergency plumber available and will dispatch to your home ASAP. It doesn’t matter what the time of day or year, you can trust in us for timely and cooperative help in your time of need. We know how irritating plumbing related problems are, especially if it’s an emergency out of regular working periods.

Plumbing Installations of All Types

KCs Plumbing boasts a long history of top quality workmanship. It doesn’t matter if you want to get some pipe insulation or a brand new tub put in, or you’re in need of a re-piping or installation in a residential or commercial property, we’ve got the ability and the practical experience to make certain it is completed correctly.

We’re recognized also as a leader in upgrading plumbing systems in older homes, something that we have been doing for years, most noticably in the many fabulous houses in the West End of Vancouver.

Our dedicated residential and commercial plumbing service is a good solution for either newer homes or older homes all over greater Vancouver.

Quick plumbing fix

There is one constant when it comes to plumbing, water is tricky stuff and has a mind of it’s own. When you are looking to do plumbing yourself there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

No matter what, leaks will happen and there is no short cut to correct them. There are no magic pastes or powders that will stop a leak permanently (no matter what the TV says). If you have a leak and want to fix it, use the proper materials and the correct procedures. You need to use copper on copper and plastic with plastic.

When working with plastic always clean it, deburr it and use the appropriate cement to get a good seal. With copper you want to polish the surface with emory cloth, deburr the inside, and use a lot of flux prior to soldering the joint.

When you are working with compression fittings you won’t need any solder. There is a metal sleeve that squishes tightly against the fittings to prevent leaks. You can only use the sleeve once so make sure you have it sitting properly before you do your final tightening.

There is no logic when it comes to plumbing sizes. A sink faucet supply hose is a different diameter than a toilet supply hose. A kitchen sink supply line will not work for a bathroom supply line. Also, your toilet can have three different distances from the wall, and there are countless different toilet flappers and faucet washer sizes. Usually the best guarantee to getting the correct part is to take it with you when you purchase the new one.

Usually a good salesperson can tell you what parts you will need, but help them out by bringing in your parts. If you can’t, take a picture to show them. There is nothing worse than having to run to the supply store several times, just to get a ten cent washer.

If you are taking on the challenge of your own plumbing repairs, make sure you have the right tools, supplies and parts before you start your job. Plumbing is not really difficult, but remember that water is tricky, so if you try to take short cuts it will out smart you.

KCs Plumbing and Heating Ltd
1896 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC V5N 2S7
(604) 873-3753

How To Prevent a Problem With The Sewer Line

One of the unsung stars of the home’s various systems is plumbing. Think about it, you use your plumbing system in conjunction with kitchen chores like cooking and dishwashing (not to mention having drinking water), in the mudroom for doing laundry and the bathroom for showering, dental hygiene and more. And, until something goes wrong-the well quits working or the sewer lines get backed up, seep or burst, nary a though is given to the plumbing system! Of course, when things go wrong, you can bet on it, they will occur at the most inconvenient time possible. So, what can you do to see that sewer repairs are kept to a minimum and life can move along?

Keeping sewer repairs at a minimum is not nearly as difficult as one might think. In fact, it is done more by being proactive than by reactive. So, to help you be as proactive as possible in limiting sewer repairs, here are some tips:

Whether you have lived in your house for some time or are merely considering the house as a new residence, it is vital that you have someone inspect the lines. This is especially helpful if you are considering a purchase, as you do not want to find yourself dealing with a costly sewer repair job. Typically, the home inspection required in buying a new home will check this, but it doesn’t hurt to ask a plumbing/sewer professional to check as well. If you already live in the home, especially if it has been some time, take the proactive step of calling in an inspector to see if everything is as it should be. The cost of the inspection will be considerably less than any sewer repair, and keep it from being needed at some later inconvenient date.

Never flush things down the toilet that do not belong there! Wipes, sanitary napkins, etc. are not designed to “move” through your septic system and cause thousands of dollars in sewer repairs each year.

Do not pour grease or oils down the drain. These cause build up and clog the system. Yes, you can use products designed to clean sewer lines, but it is better to never introduce the grease. In fact, some sewer repair specialist feel that these cleaning products are misleading as people think that by pouring these cleaners down their drain, they have addressed and avoided any potential sewer repair needs, when in actuality they are only moving buildup from one location in the septic line to another.

If planting any shrubbery or trees in your yard, be sure to steer clear of any septic lines. Roots cause significant to sewer lines as they will wrap around and try to burrow into the sewer lines.

Taking these proactive steps can keep sewer repairs far away from your schedule. Yes, it might take a few minutes of time to dispose of grease, have that inspection or re-think where to plant the shrubbery, but in the long run, it is well worth it.

Many websites provide additional information on the topic of sewer service and repair. One such site worth looking at for drainage and sewer repair is KC’s Plumbing in Vancouver BC: https://www.kcplumb.ca/services/drains/sewer-separation

Ten Plumbing Tips From an Expert Plumber

If you are reading this plumbing article, you may have a plumbing issue in your home. Below is a solid list of tips form an expert plumber that you can use in order to help yourself resolve the issues on your own. Read on.

Plumbing Product

First of all, you should try out a live enzyme product like Bio-Clean for the upkeep of your sewer lines. This way, the grease or some other byproducts can keep the lines from getting clogged. While the product is expensive, it can save you lots of hassle down the road.

Water Main

You should check your lines to find out where the water main closes. For instance, if you reside in a condominium, you should check if each unit shuts off. Aside from this, you may want to check if the entire building needs to be turned off. So, this is important if you have a bad leak.

Remove Hoses

You should remove the hoses from the faucets, and you should do this before the faucets freeze in the cold season.


You should also check to make certain that the stops under each sink and at the back of toilets could be turned without any problem. This way you can close them if you experience a problem.

Shower Valves

If you are going to design a new bathroom, don’t forget to make sure that you can access the shower and tub valves from the backside of the wall. Placing valves on any outside wall is not a good idea.

New Home

If you are going to buy a new home, just make certain the sewer lines don’t have any setting or root problems.

Starch Products or Coffee Grounds

It’s not a good idea to put a lot of starch product or coffee grounds in the garbage disposal. This waste can clog your drain. In the same way, coffee grounds may attract grease that can accumulate over time. While a small quantity of these things won’t cause problems, peeling tons of potatoes into the drain can give you lots of problems.


You should also find out where the clean-outs are. This is really important.

Water Lines

With the passage of time, the galvanized water lines may rust or corrode. It’s a good idea to get copper lines. However, the plastic or PEX pipes can cost less, but are not as durable. Also, they don’t do the job so well.

Cheap Fixtures

As the name suggests, cheap fixtures are cheap. The problem is that cheap fixtures don’t last as long. Plumbers as well as the plumbing products cost a good deal of money. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to invest in low quality fixtures.

So, if you have been going to work on some DIY home plumbing projects, we suggest that you use the tips given in this article. This way you can rest assured that everything will be fine and you won’t end up creating more problems. For difficult jobs, we always suggest that you hire a good plumbing company.

How To Install A Toilet Yourself

In this article we look at what’s involved in replacing a toilet by yourself. There are a few things to think about before starting, one of those being the awkwardness and weight of the toilet. If you have trouble lifting heavy objects then this is probably not a job you want to tackle alone. Get someone with a good back to help lift and position the toilet when removing and alps for fitting the new one into place. Typical reason for doing this are things like a cracked bowl, excessive water usage in the flush, or just plain too old.

Another problem is the constantly annoying clogged toilet Kelowna. It’s not really a reason to install a new toilet, but it can add to the frustration and help make the decision to install a new one. One more thin to consider. If you find yourself in a bind at any point in the procedure, we suggest you get a local Kelowna plumber to do it for you. It’s really not that expensive for something as straight forward as a toilet installation, but with most DIY projects, things tend to go wrong more often than not.

Step one: Get the tools you will need

To replace a toilet you will need just a few tools. You will need either an adjustable wrench or a standard wrench set with different sizes. You will also need a razor knife and some towels for cleanup.

Step Two: Materials

The most obvious will be the toilet itself. The brand and model of toilet will depend on your taste and budget. However, when purchasing a toilet make sure to measure the distance between the mounting holes of the toilet tank and the wall. You will need to know the clearance you have; as many toilets have different size tanks. The other items you will need is a toilet bowl wax ring and toilet bowl mounting bolts. You may want to pick up a tube of silicone caulk as well.

Step Three: Removing the Old Toilet

First shut off the water supply to the toilet by turning the shut off valve located at the back of the toilet on the wall. Now flush the toilet several times to remove as much water from the bowl as possible. Remove the lid of the toilet tank and open the flapper valve to drain as much water out of the tank as possible and flush again. Now use a small cup or large towels to soak up any remaining water in the tank.

Next you will need to disconnect the water supply line. Use a standard wrench or adjustable wrench. If the supply line nut is made of plastic then use a pair of channel locks. If you are removing the entire toilet then you will not need to take the tank off the toilet bowl unless you want to for convenience of carrying it out.

If you are removing the tank, than do so by taking the nuts off the tank bolts located under and back of the toilet tank. If the nuts turn the bolt then you may need a screw driver on the bolt from the inside while turning the nut from below to break them free.

To remove the toilet bowl start by using the razor knife to cut away any caulk that is around the bowl. Removing the caulk will ensure you do not damage the floor when pulling up the toilet bowl and will make it much easier to do so.

Now take the two toilet mounting bolts off. They are located under the caps on both sides of the toilet base. In some cases these bolts can be rusted to the nuts and will not break free. If this is something you come across then use a small hacksaw blade to cut the bolt under the nut.

Now you can remove the toilet by gently rocking it from side to side, to break the seal the wax ring has made. Once the toilet is free simply pull straight up and out.

Step Four: Replacing the toilet

Prepare the area for the new toilet by cleaning the flange where the old wax ring was. Clean the floor of any debris and secure any loose flooring down. Set your new toilet mounting bolts in the slots provided on the floor flange. Tip the new toilet bowl on its side and gently press the new wax ring to make it stick to the toilet bowl.

Now carefully guide the toilet bowl over the mounting bolts in as straight downward motion as possible. Be careful not to damage the wax ring as you guide the toilet bowl in place. Now rock the toilet from side to side to set the wax ring in place and push the toilet bowl all the way down to meet the floor. Now place the nuts on the mounting bolts being careful to not over tighten as you can crack the porcelain very easily.

Step Five: Mounting the Toilet Tank

Follow the instructions supplied by the manufacturer on what seals to use between the tank and bowl. Guide the tank over the mounting holes and set the tank down. Now run the mounting bolts with any washers the manufacturer has included through the tank and place the nuts on the bottom. Tighten the nuts carefully, getting them snug but not too tight.

Be careful not to over tighten to prevent cracking the porcelain.

Now connect the supply line back to the underneath of the toilet. Open the supply line shut off valve slowly and let the toilet tank fill. Check for leaks all around the toilet as you do this. Once the tank is full, flush the toilet to ensure the wax ring sealed correctly.

You should not see any water coming from under the bowl. If you do you may have damaged the wax ring when placing the bowl down or did not set it correctly. If everything is working correctly all you have to do is caulk around the toilet bowl, put the tank lid on and the mounting bolt covers for the bowl.

How to Find a Good Plumber

There have been lots of awful stories about rogue plumbers who exploit the vulnerable and take a few minutes to fix a dripping tap but spend most of their time doing nothing and charging way over the top.

The good news is most Vancouver plumbers are honest and professional and not out to rip people off. But the sad news is that there are some dodgy guys around and there is a shortage in skilled. So if your tap, radiator or boiler’s got a a leak and you need someone fast how can you make sure the person who comes to fix it is competent and out to exploit you?

Obviously a good plumber is often hard to come by. So here are some tips for finding a reputable Vancouver plumbing company fairly quickly. Not all of these will be appropriate to your circumstances but at least it will give you some options.

  1. If you are in a hurry then we would recommend a quick look on the internet. Search for a local plumber with your town, city or village.
  2. If you don’t have the internet at home or you can’t connect then try the neighbors. A verbal recommendation from someone you trust is quick and easy
  3. OK so you have no neighbors around who know of a good plumber – try your yellow pages. There are always plenty of local plumbers that advertise there
  4. If you don’t have Yellow Pages then why not call a friend who lives close and ask if they know anyone…if they don’t…
  5. Ask if they can recommend that you call someone else who could know – it could be anyone their referral doesn’t have to be a plumber themselves just someone who may have the number of one.
  6. Are their other tradesmen you have used in the past- electrician, carpenter, gas engineer? Try these. Tradesmen often work together and know of each other so they are likely to know of a good plumber
  7. Is there a hardware or DIY store near to where you live? These will often have lists of tradesmen who can help. Go round or call them.
  8. Is there a relative you think could have some ideas. Obviously they would have to be fairly local.
  9. If none of these work and things are getting a little desperate you could call the Citizens’ Advice Bureau and ask if they can help. This is an excellent organisation that helps people with all kinds of problems – they would certainly have a Yellow pages.
  10. If the problem is serious don’t attempt it yourself and if it takes a while to locate a good plumber and your need is urgent make sure you make what cautionary arrangements you can – pots, pans, containers, towels, to catch dripping water.
  11. If the problem is a major one check with your insurance company that you are covered and ask them if they can recommend a good plumber. If you are not covered ask them if they could recommend a good plumber anyway.

For a few more good tips on finding a reputable plumber, read this article we posted last month.

Warning Signs That Drainage Has Become a Problem

Drainage problems seem unimportant most of the time, but could easily and quickly evolve into problems that go far beyond the drainage system. It’s important to note that drainage problems do not simply appear; there are tell-tale signs that we tend to ignore.

Drainage problems are brought about by a number of factors, including improper drainage fixtures such as drainage pipes that are too narrow, clogged drains and can lead to difficulty dispelling water, hence creating backups that could lead to serious problems. One of the most overlooked services is perimeter drain tile cleaning. A local plumber is usually the best choice for getting this service done.

One of the best ways to ensure that your drainage is working properly is to regularly inspect your home.

Top Warnings of Drainage Problems

  • Unpleasant drainage odors
  • Strange sounds in the drainage
  • Slow draining water
  • Penetration of water in the walls
  • Foundation cracks
  • Water accumulation in the various areas within and around the home
  • Soil changes in specified areas

One of the major signs to look out for is unpleasant smells emanating from the drainage system. Blockages are usually a result of hair and food which eventually begin to accumulate slime– and hence the awful smell. You may also want to look out for slow draining water which is the easiest way to know that your drainage is in danger.

Slow drainage means that there is an obstruction. You can also tell that your drainage is experiencing some problems by listening to the sounds its makes. Gurgling sounds are brought about when you have trapped air in the drain. Foundation cracks also indicate that there is a drainage leak.

Water resurgence is a clear sign of a drainage problem. You also need to look for signs of localized flooding on areas— such as the rooftop and yard. Presence of moisture walls could tell you if you have drainage problems.

Preventing Drainage Problems

You can easily prevent drainage problems from occurring by:

  • Installing sink strainers
  • Regularly cleaning the drainage system
  • Planting trees and plants away from the drainage pipes

Sink strainers help keep foreign objects out of the drain and help catch food particles, hair and other matters that could easily go down your drain and potentially lead to blockage. If you are planting trees, plant them away from your drainage pipes. If you already have trees and plants, make sure that the roots do not invade your pipes.

Cleaning your drainage system is important. You can keep your sink clean by simply pouring hot water and using a suction pump to remove any grease and other build ups. However, be very careful about using popular drainage cleaners, as they easily corrode drainage pipes and lead to greater problems.

Stopping drainage problems early is essential, as it could prevent blockages from occurring and even arrest leaks in time, thus preventing structural damages and consequent expenses. If you have come across any of the issues mentioned above and cannot clear the problem yourself, then we suggest you call a local plumbers Vancouver for professional help. In many cases proper tools are needed to remove a blockage or root intrusion.

Regulations and Safety Assurance Brought by a Plumbing Company

Customer service satisfaction is important and should be a given in any service-oriented environment or company. A Vancouver plumber who provides excellent service will be hired and called for to work on a future projects when the customer it is servicing had been satisfied with its performance. Testimonials and word-of-mouth advertisement from a satisfied customer is the best tool to use so that the company may acquire more clients and customers. Naturally, when you receive excellent service from a company, you will eventually recommend them to someone else like a friend or a relative.

This also serves true when hiring the service of a plumbing company to install all plumbing system needs of a house or a building. The plumbing system is not limited to only the installation of water pipes and the basic plumbing fixtures. It also includes water heating machines, the overall bathroom and kitchen installation including the sink, the tub and shower where you relax and comfort yourself in and the tank which holds up your water in place.

Other basic components of a plumbing service that a plumbing company must be able to provide are fixing of broken pipes, waste disposal units and its cleaning operation and clearing of blocked pipes. An established plumbing company Vancouver may also include heating and gas installations as part of their primary services. Every aspect of plumbing service is important as you enjoy the luxury and comfort of your home or office establishment.

Trustworthy plumbing companies and their services are bound to different laws and regulations specific to where it is located. This ensures safety and quality of service from all those who are performing such business. The industry needs to be regulated so that the government is assured that only licensed plumbing companies are operating in their area.

Other people may think that they can do the work of fixing their water system but you must remember that you are still under the same laws and regulations that these companies are bound. When you try to do it yourself, you may be putting yourself, your family and the entire building into more danger than when you hire an expert to do the work for you. This will eliminate the hassle and headache that you have to go through as you fix or repair whatever plumbing fixture that was broken or clogged up. Sacrificing that little amount of money for a service may not be worth it when you risk yourself trying to do something that you are not knowledgeable of.

What to do When you need a Plumber

Until the dawn of the 20th century, lead was the main choice of material for molding tubular conduits, and the word plumber meant a person skilled in working with lead. Polyurethane, copper and other materials gradually became more popular and widely used, as it was discovered that the seemingly harmless material of lead was actually causing various chronic and fatal conditions by being ingested.

Of course, today’s modern buildings have complex plumbing systems consisting of not only hot and cold running water, but also sewage disposal, air conditioning, gas heating, systems for fire defense and a pneumatic / hydraulic power delivery system. Many emergencies in the home can be prevented or resolved by your friendly residential plumbing expert, making the plumber the 4th emergency service for many people.

Getting to Know a Local Plumber

One of the most common problems with calling any Vancouver plumbers to your home is that it seems they are always busy when you need them the most. If they are available they’ll charge double or triple for coming during the evening or on the weekend. You might be expecting to be charged at least double the normal rate as well as an after hours premium if you have the audacity to call the plumber out on a Sunday!

However, most plumbers who specialize in residential plumbing services are only too aware of how valuable the time of their customers is, and how inconvenient a leaking or burst pipe can potentially be.

Most plumbers do make all reasonable efforts to be at your home as soon as possible, and just as importantly, to be there when they say they will. Plumbing work sometimes results in an explosion, flood or other disaster and because of the risks associated with this type of work, plumbers need to have professional indemnity insurance, which inevitably leads to higher prices for their services.

Take Your Time and Look Around

Be wary of using a plumber that seems too cheap, as they probably don’t have the proper insurance. Unfortunately there are dozens of unreliable and disreputable plumbers out there just waiting to take advantage of you and take your money, although of course not all plumbers are charlatans and many strive to deliver the best possible work. Don’t be afraid to ask for the VAT registration reference from the plumber, and look for membership of professional or trade bodies.

You can avoid a lot of this by getting acquainted with one of the local Vancouver plumbing companies in your neighborhood before a problem happens. Call a family member or friend who might have had to use a plumber in the past. They can tell you if they have a preferred service company. You can also find good people by looking up reviews on plumbing companies that look good to you online.

Most of us Don’t Want to Deal With This

Although you will probably have need to call a plumber at some point, it is hoped that you won’t have to, but of course it pays to have the contact information for a reliable and experienced plumber in your area. Calling a plumber in Vancouver for a routine check up and overhaul of your plumbing and heating systems is a much better option than waiting until you have a plumbing emergency and then calling one.