Pay Attention to the Gutters and Drainage Around Your Home

When it rains in Vancouver it can go on for weeks in the winter and it can be a serious downpour in the summer when the sky’s open up. When I first moved to Vancouver 20 years ago I was surprised to see a lot of homes without rain gutters. This is a mistake that can end up costing you thousands of dollars in water damage. Over time water that is not diverted away from your foundation ends up cracking the cement or opening the mortar between the cinder blocks. When that happens water starts getting into the basement which I’m sure you can imagine will cause havoc.

These days most builders will install gutters as a rule of thumb, but there are still a few thousand homes in the GVRD without proper drainage off the roof. Gutters direct rain water into the downspout and away from the building when installed properly. It’s easy to find out if your gutter down spouts are doing their job, just walk around your house and see if the downspout is draining into your flower beds or away from the house. They usually run off away from the home using any number of methods.

Proper Down Spout Drainage

downspoutThis picture shows one way it can be done. If you feel the water on your property is not draining because the gutters need cleaning, call Reliable Gutters for professional advice. We are a professional gutter cleaning company and will be happy to go over your options to help you save money by avoiding future water damage. If you do  not have gutters on your home and your budget is limited here is one system you could consider that will last for a few years.

Cheap Vinyl Gutters

Vinyl gutters are the cheapest way to go and good for a limited budget, but if you want quality work that lasts for decades then we suggest Alu-Rex gutters. They are the only gutter system on the market that comes with a manufacturers warranty. Good value for the money. If you prefer a professional does this work for you call us for a quote on gutter installation or if all they need is a clean up at we will be happy to inspect and do a gutter cleaning job for you.

Simple Vinyl Gutter Installation

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